Wilson Cole Interviews Bert Miller

Wilson Cole Interviews Bert Miller

Bert Miller, Legend of the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

In today’s Greatest of All Time Interview Series, Wilson Cole, president of Adams, Evens, and Ross interviews Bert Miller, a legend in the staffing and recruiting industry. He has been a long time franchise office owner of MRI and he’s recently acquired MRI corporate.

How Did Bert Start His Journey in The Staffing and Recruiting Industry?

Bert started off by showing his appreciation for having a great childhood. His parents were a great part of who he is today. They pulled him in to have greater opportunities for the future. This led him to MRI’s doorstep where he was trained. He was trained by a host of great mentors that Bert is truly grateful for. Today, Bert has acquired MRI corporate and has a number of great ideas for MRI as a whole.

What Makes a Great Recruiter?

According to Bert, you could line up five or so hopefuls who have the basics down and have the skills to succeed. However, only two of them will ever become a great success. It doesn’t matter how good they are or how many calls they can make in a day. What matters is that they have a certain amount of grit and endurance that will let them overcome the challenges that face them. Grit and endurance are the right energy and passion according to Bert.

He also mentioned the late Kobe Bryant’s Mamba mentality. This is where you must have the hunger to succeed. It’s focusing on the process and trusting the hard work when it truly matters.

What Does a Recruiter Need to Be Doing Right Now To Take Advantage of An Excelling Economy?

Bert recommends using an advisory. An advisory encompasses a number of things. It can be town analytics, helping your clients create branding for themselves and many others. This creates connectivity between you and your clients.

Bert also mentions how the changing technology is causing friction within the industry. They’re “killing it” but it doesn’t feel the same as it was back in the early 2000s and it’s because of how digital technology is shifting the industry. This means that you need to adjust and become a better storyteller through video broadcasts or podcasts and truly connect with your audience.

What is Your Vision for MRI

Bert mentions that many people and groups confuse MRI as their competition. They aren’t competition when it comes to the staffing and recruiting industry, mainly because of how they don’t make any placements, and they don’t do any searches. Instead, they aim to provide the best tools, services, and training to their “supposed” competition. One example is their Thrive program which allows independent firms that don’t know where to go, Thrive.


  • What kind of stands out to me is endurance, it’s the right energy and passion.
  • We used to tell a story by phone. Now you gotta be able to tell the story through video through podcasting and really connect with your audience
  • They may love me, they may like me. Whatever the case may be, but I have to go deliver.
  • Let's embrace the fact of what occurred, let's embrace it. Let's understand the situation and let's build solutions.

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