5 Free Tools from Adams, Evens, & Ross


I typically do not push Adams, Evens, & Ross services or products in the articles that I write, and I hope that you will not view this article as a self-promoting editorial but I wanted to take a few moments and bring to your attention some of the FREE tools that you have at your disposal from Adams Evens & Ross regardless if you ever use our collection services or not. My job is to make sure that the Staffing and Recruiting Industry has all of the tools to stay safe and secure from bad debt and reduce your credit risk. So over the next few minutes, I want to share a suite of 5 tools that you can use free of charge anytime you need to reduce your credit risk.


Debtor Search: :

We give you access to our internal database of over 250,000 debtors. This database has taken us over 20 years and 1 billion dollars of staffing recruiting collections. This database will let you know the names and locations of debtor companies.

It is housed at our website at www.aercollections.com. Look for the debtor search log in the section located on our front page. Then use your name as the username and your email address as the password. After you log into the Debtor Search it will take you to the search location and then you will need to enter the first 3 or 4 letters of the company's name that you wish to search, it’s that simple. 250,000 debtor logs at your fingertips for free.


AER Credit Tool 2::

Credit Alert: :

This is an email that is sent out once a week from Adams, Evens & Ross that gives you a list of the top 4 or 5 companies that have not paid other staffing and recruiting firms within the last few weeks. This real-time information will help you ID the companies that are not currently paying other staffing and recruiting firms. This one tool alone instigates over 2 thank you phone calls a month from staffing and recruiting firms calling to thank me because the credit alert saved them from working with a company that had recently contacted them for their services.


AER Credit Tool Number 3::

Free Investigative report: :

These reports will let you know if a company has any lawsuits, judgment, tax liens, or any other public record. These reports will also give you the debtors’ credit score and let you know how they are paying their trade vendors. These reports are yours free to use on any account that is 30 days or more past due. Simply email me at wilson@aercollection.com and put “Free Investigative Report” in the subject line and then put the name of the debtor and their address in the body of the email. Allow 48 hours for the report to be emailed back to you.


AER Credit Tool Number 4::

Free access to our monthly webinar series:

These webinars will teach you step by step how to reduce your credit risk. They cover such subjects as: "How to protect yourself from back door hires and temp napping, ”How to set and maintain credit lines", and "How to turn your credit app into a credit a credit contract". Access to these monthly webinars is yours free by simply emailing me and putting “Sign me up for the monthly webinar series” on the subject line. I then will have you signed up so you will receive an advanced email notification of the time and date of the webinars.


AER Credit Tool Number 5::

Bankruptcy Watch List:

You supply us the name of any company and their address that you want us to watch and for the 90 days, we will monitor their credit rating and public records to see if they have a reduction in their credit rating or increase in their credit risk. If anything changes with their credit rating we will notify you of any changes.

All of these free tools are our gift to the staffing and recruiting industry and are yours free compliments of Adams, Evens & Ross.