Why We Cannot Bypass A Debtors Attorney And Why Suit May Be Your Only Option


Lawsuits are a common occurrence whenever money is involved. This is especially true when it comes to the staffing and recruiting industry. One day you’re just going through your day when suddenly you find out that one of your clients refuses to pay you. At that point, you have one of two options. You can either give up and close the case, or you can throw a lawsuit their way.

Why Not Bypass Their Attorney?

You might think that it can be a simple matter to just storm their front doors and demand payment from them. You could even consider giving us their contact details and have us storm the front for you. However, you have to remember the legal aspect of the case, especially if your client has an attorney defending them. By law, you cannot go around a defendant’s attorney and everything has to go through him, as he is the representative of the defendant.

“You always have the right to an attorney in any case, and if you ask your attorney to go around your client’s attorney, then it’s like a massive slap in the face. The bar will shut you down and it is one of the biggest side steps outside of stealing money you can make as an attorney,” according to Samantha.

Why A Suit May Be Your Only Option

Lawsuits are considered a last resort by many. And most of the time, it is not even needed. Back Door Hires can collect around 80% of the cases without ever needing to sue. However, some clients will be stubborn and refuse to pay what’s due and they’re going to need some encouragement in the form of a lawsuit.

In this case, it is necessary to sue them as they might not be paying attention in the first place. They’re simply ignoring you and a lawsuit in their faces will get them back into paying attention to the matter at hand.

You also have to remember that you’re not the only one who has to pay when the case does reach the court. You can expect upwards of ten thousand dollars in attorney fees from a single case alongside the time investment involved. Do note that they might not even win the case and they’ll be forced to pay you and their attorney fees. With a lawsuit, they’ll end up thinking whether it’s worth going to court for a twenty thousand dollar fee where they have a chance to lose, and they’re going to lose even more money than they would have if they decided to pay instead.

Our Best Advice

Our best advice at the moment is to just shut up and get someone else involved. Having someone else get involved in your case doesn’t mean you’ve thrown in the towel. It means you’re ready to take them to court and collect the debt. It forces them to produce documents that they would otherwise not produce and it gets them moving before they can cover their tracks. You should also do your best to provide every single piece of evidence to the third party collections agency you hire.

Yes, some of these documents might not help your case. However, this helps them create a defense and offense around those documents. If those documents suddenly turn up in the middle of a case, then you and your attorney will be caught off guard and will have a harder time defending your claims.

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