Counter Suits and the Additional Safety Net of Adams, Evens & Ross Collection Review

At any point in time, our company is dealing with about four hundred active lawsuits and three counter suits. Notice, our counter suits account for about 3% rather than the standard 10% of other companies. This is because we work hard to watch for situations that may lead to counter suit and advise our clients on how to avoid them. Sometimes, we can see them coming from a mile away and those are generally ones that involve employees with harassment issues or other serious matters. Occasionally, we will have ones that come across our desk that should not even be qualified for a counter suit. The most important piece of advice we can give is to be aware of the risks of a lawsuit. In almost every situation, a counter suit comes back because the lawyers will say they do not owe you and that your lawsuit is not viable; this is a very common affirmative defense, and generally the first thing that any lawyer will file, because it is difficult to claim on errors and omissions.

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