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Credit & Collection Specialist for the
Staffing & Recruiting Industry

We are the nation's largest Credit & Collections Solutions Provider for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. Our mission is
simple and that is to collect past due staffing and recruiting debt for our clients. This is the only type of debt we collect.


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Wanted to extend a thank you from me and the Fynd Talent team for helping us with the Versus Systems fee collection. We are very grateful for everything you've done to get us to this point.

You made a sticky process very easy for us and we were very happy to receive our mail today.

We have another client that we may be introducing you to shortly. We want to give them another day to handle it internally but as soon as Thursday-Friday we may be filling you in.

Appreciate what you do for recruiters and ready to work with you again.

Harry Witzke, Scott Taylor, & Dwayne Adriano

Co-Founder, Head of Autonomous Mobility

Hey Gang! The check from you to GRN to me hit my account today!

Thanks for all your efforts. You guys do a great job! I hope I never need you again but something tells me that I will !!! 🙂

Have a great day

Paul Harris

Global Recruiters of Blackhawk